September 11-15, 2024
Giant Center

Brinkley RV – Bag Sponsor

Brinkley RV is committed to building high quality RVs.WHO IS BRINKLEY RV?

The Brinkley RV ownership team is comprised of five equal partners representing decades of RV experience. It has a strong track record of creating and influencing some of the industry’s most successful RV companies, including many of today’s top-selling fifth wheel and travel trailer brands.


Brinkley RVs owners noticed a distinct shift in the RV industry in recent years and felt a sense of responsibility to its customers to re-ignite cutting-edge innovation and bring back customer-driven product designs that will raise the bar for everyone. More importantly, they saw a gradual decline in quality and a skewed perception of what it means to take care of the customer. Brinkley RV is excited to prove to our customers that there is a better way. The company is passionate and committed to building high-quality RVs and servicing them like never before! Brinkley RV encourages you to research its owners and Brinkley RV. The more you know about it, the more you’ll see that it’s building something different. The company is relentless in its pursuit of the ULTIMATE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE! It will never stop in its quest to be the best and most reputable RV manufacturer in the industry.



The owners of the company are responsible for product design. They are passionate about living the RV lifestyle and testing them firsthand in order to create phenomenal products. The look, the features, and the quality levels are all driven by the insights they have collected from speaking with customers, addressing problems, and using the RVs before bringing them to market. Brinkley RV likes to live by the mentality, “When you live the lifestyle, you become the customer.” They started each product line by identifying all the issues that have plagued our industry for years and built the solutions into the design. In addition, they challenged existing processes, materials, technology, and even its suppliers to deliver a better quality coach they could be proud of.


Everyone talks about quality, but it is incredibly disappointing what most of our industry is delivering. Brinkley RV is dedicated to producing the highest quality RVs. It begins with intelligent designs and a steadfast commitment to quality throughout the organization. However, it takes robust checkpoints to confirm that it delivers on its promise. In addition to production line checkpoint inspections, each and every Brinkley undergoes a vigorous off-road simulation and a battery of testing through our PDI process, covering over 500 items before your RV ships to the dealer. Brinkley RV has committed a tremendous amount of time and effort on the front end to KEEP YOU CAMPING AND OUT OF THE SERVICE SHOP!


Brinkley RV will do what is right! It strives for perfection, but unfortunately, problems will arise. When they do, Brinkley RV HAS YOUR BACK and will do what it takes to get you back on the road. It does this by supporting its dealers and working hand in hand with them regarding service to make it as seamless as possible. We are also committed to quickly and accurately expediting parts to ensure you get back on the road as soon as possible.


Brinkley RV‘s owners all worked for privately held and publicly traded companies, and there are certainly benefits to both. Today, almost every RV company is publicly traded. However, when you are developing your culture, responding quickly to the market, and making decisions that impact your customers, it is a huge advantage to be private, like Brinkley RV. Sometimes even well-intentioned public RV companies are under too much pressure to create short-term gains at the expense of long-term quality and creating customers for life!

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