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Airstream Announces Updates & Additions to 2020 Product Line

Jul 2, 2019 | Manufacturers

Airstream Expands Globetrotter Product Line, Adds Active TPMS System to the Classic,
and Offers Additional Rear Hatch Options

Jackson Center, Ohio — Airstream, Inc., maker of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailers and best-in-class touring coaches, has announced updates and additions to its current product line following the release of the new Bambi and Caravel models. New features and floor plans have been released for the 2020 Globetrotter, Flying Cloud, International Serenity and Classic travel trailers. In an effort to improve the travel trailer experience for consumers, Airstream launched two new floor plans for the Globetrotter product line. Customers can now enjoy a 23’ Front Bed and Front Bed Twin floor plan, which are the shortest and most accessible options to-date for this model. These models are smaller, easier to tow, and just as design-forward and featured-packed as the rest of the modern Globetrotter lineup. In addition, Airstream has added an optional rear hatch to the 27’ Flying Cloud and International Serenity travel trailer products lines. The hatch allows for easy access to the outdoors, expedites the loading and unloading of equipment, and creates a scenic dining experience by opening up the rear of the travel trailer. While the rear hatch has historically been part of special edition models, Airstream is expanding the option for these two models to give customers more flexibility when choosing a travel trailer that fits their needs. “Airstream is dedicated to constantly improving and listening to what consumers want and need in a travel trailer,” said Bob Wheeler, President and CEO of Airstream. “With these new floor plans, features, and improvements, we are looking to add value, safety, and technology for consumers.” Other improvements include the upgraded design of the exterior storage doors which are now fully enclosed radius doors that flow with the natural rounded shape of the trailer along with a better hitch coupler that will make it easier for owners to connect and disconnect from the travel trailer. Along with new floor plans and design updates, Airstream has also released an additional feature for the Classic Travel Trailer with Smart Control Technology: an active Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Airstream’s TPMS system actively monitors all four tires, plus the spare, continuously and reports to both the supplied display and Airstream Smart Control App. While some monitoring systems function based on activated movement, Airstream’s TPMS will report tire pressure pounds per square inch (PSI) whether the Classic is on the road or sitting in storage. With the provided Smart Control app, users can monitor temperature (in Fahrenheit) for each tire, identify and place active warnings and see updates related to the TPMS system. For more information on Airstream’s 2020 updates, please visit www.airstream.com.