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First-Ever Inline Sediment Prefilter Will ‘Revolutionize’
Water Filtration for RVers

Mar 26, 2021 | Exhibitors, Press Releases

DirtGUARD™ from Clear2O® Solves RVers’ Most Common Filtration Issue; Company’s ‘Green Movement’
Gains Momentum with Most Innovative Product to Date

MIRAMAR, FL – New products are constantly being introduced to the RV water filtration industry. Each promises improved performance in various areas: better taste, more efficient removal of contaminants, quicker installation.

However, few products in recent memory have been capable of providing the range of benefits, as well as the overall impact, that the DirtGUARD™ from industry innovator Clear2O® promises to deliver. By delivering on those promises, DirtGUARD™, the first-ever RV sediment pre-filter for use with inline RV carbon filters, will be viewed as a “revolutionary” product within the RV water filtration industry.

“RVers have needed a product like DirtGUARD™ for quite some time, primarily because it solves one of the most common water filtration problems that RVers experience: sediment,” said Keith Bernard, CEO of  Clear2O® and designer of the DirtGUARD™. “Campground water is notorious for containing large amounts of sediment, not to mention silt, sand, rust and other particulates carrying chemical or microbial contaminants that can be harmful to public health.

“Inline RV filters work well on chemical contaminants like chlorine but can’t handle the large particulate materials; they can get actually get clogged and become ineffective very quickly. That’s why sediment, along with the other large particulates, are universally recognized as ‘filter killers.’”

The DirtGUARD™ RV Sediment Prefilter addresses this problem head on.  The patent-pending DirtGUARD™ creates a 20-micron, physical barrier to block sand, silt, sediment, and particulates from entering the carbon filter. This is critical: if any of these elements enters the filter, they can potentially coat the carbon particles, allowing contaminants to pass through the filter untouched.

By keeping these large filter killers at bay, the carbon filter is free to perform its intended function: focus on taste, color, and odor issues. What’s more, keeping out those large particulates helps extend the life of the RV’s carbon filter since they won’t get trapped in the carbon filter or worse, pass through and cause buildup within the RV piping. It also helps the carbon filter maintain higher flow rates throughout its life.

“There isn’t an inline carbon filter on the market whose performance won’t be enhanced by DirtGUARD™, claimed Bernard. “Regardless of how effective your inline filter is, DirtGUARD™ will take it to the next level.

“By combining the DirtGUARD™ prefilter with  any existing inline carbon filter, we are creating a unique, two-stage inline RV filter system, one that is highly efficient yet cost-effective, and much easier to store than larger systems” noted Bernard.

Aside from being the first inline prefilter, the Clear2O® DirtGUARD™ works with multiple inline water filter brands, making it extremely flexible.

The durable design of the Clear2O® DirtGUARD™ is enhanced by a rigid filter made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), known for its stiffness, strength, toughness, resistance to chemicals and moisture, as well as its light weight and lower environmental impact. Ultimately, this resilient material helps lengthen the life of the filter, as well as allowing it to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions and providing it with a higher dirt-holding capacity.

DirtGUARD™ is easy and quick to install (no special tools needed). The design of DirtGUARD™ allows the carbon filter to “nest” inside the prefilter, making it easier to fit under low hanging faucets at camping spots, and easier to stow away when travelling.

DirtGUARD™  fits most inline RV water filter brands that fit to a standard water hose. It can also be backwashed up to three times, to remove any loose sediment, helping to improve flow in high-sediment areas and further lengthen the life of the DirtGuard. Further cleaning can be easily performed due to the filter’s “cup” design.

Bernard noted that the addition of DirtGUARD™ adds significant momentum to the company’s “Green Movement.”

“We’ve adopted the slogan ‘Join the Green Movement’ to invite RVers to experience our products for themselves,” he said. “We’re confident that DirtGUARD™ is not only going to be popular among our current customer base, it will encourage RVers using competitive products to take a second look at us.”

MSRP of the DirtGUARD™ RV Sediment Prefilter, which includes a filter, wrench and Bonus hose, is $39.99. It is available on the Clear2O® website, Amazon, and other online retailers.


Founded in 2008 and based in Miramar, FL, CLEAR2O® manufactures and markets a variety of high-quality water filtration products. As a leader in this market, CLEAR2O® embraces its mantra of ‘Better Water by Design’, bringing the healthiest, best-tasting water to countless consumers, whether at home, on the road, or in their RV’s. The company’s extensive line of products includes filtered water pitchers, in-countertop filtration systems, whole-house filtration, garden and pet water filters, outdoor recreational products for on-the-go, and camping/RV filtration systems. One of its flagship products, the CLEAR2O® Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher – CWS100, has been consistently rated a “Best Buy” by Consumer Reports. For more information, please visit www.clear2o.com.