September 11-15, 2024
Giant Center


Jun 18, 2024 | Education

Dave Helgeson

Dave Helgeson

Wednesday – Sunday
September 11 – 15

1 – 2 p.m. | Power Play, Main Concourse

Description: Are you new to RVing or thinking about joining the RV lifestyle? Maybe you were among the thousands that purchased an RV during the pandemic and never received a proper walk through. Join lifelong RVer and industry expert Dave Helgeson as he shares the basics to get you started on your RVing journey. In this seminar you will learn how propane, electrical and plumbing systems operate along with RV appliances. Dave will also share how to prepare for your first RV outing including practicing, basic equipment to get you started, loading and departing for the campsite, setting up camp and departing camp. Even those that have been RVing for years are likely to gain some useful tips from this seminar.