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The Cricket miniature golf cart now comes with full suspension.

Sep 6, 2019 | Exhibitors

Press Release from Agility Tools by WindRyder

The Cricket RX-5, equipped with full suspension,Cricket miniature golf cart has a 2” higher ground clearance, more foot room, high cushion stitched seats, new cup holders that fit everything from a small water bottle or can to a “Big Gulp.” In addition to a power port, it has two USB ports and the horn, lights and turn signal switches have been moved from the dash to the steering column.

For transport, it collapses to 58” long, 32” wide and 30” high. It’s 36 Volt AGM battery system runs 6 to 8 hours on a charge from the on board battery charger. (about 20 to 30 miles at speeds of 10 to 30 MPH)

Colors available are Candy Apple Red, Daytona Red, Viper Blue, Classic White, Classic Black, Sterling Silver, Sunflower Yellow and a new Kool Lime Green.

Accessories available include Bimini Top (open front), Resort Top (closed front with split windshield) Rain Enclosure, Rear and Side View Mirrors, Hand Rails (adds 4” of hip room), Hauler Rack, Collapsible Loading Racks and more.

Your Cricket Dealer is Fred Lutz,
Agility Tools by Windryder

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